Sunday, 11 March 2018

Szally and Neema's high trip into Bakunin

This last weeks I've got my hands full with a big project. Literally so big I could hardly lift it while painting it.
The new Nomad Szalamandra is done and I'm super proud of how it turned out despite the photos sucking so much as usual (Oh by the way, I bought a lightbox, it should be on it's way now!).

This time I decided on the color scheme by using photoshop on the original corvus belli concepts. I removed the original color, and scribbled some new paint on him. This was the result.

With the color scheme on the screen for reference, painting started and took roughly a week. It was really fun though and a great challenge. Hand painting some of the logos was hard because the miniature is so heavy I couldn't hold it steady in position while detailing, and the support I have is too small for her.

I particularly enjoyed painting the source lightning from the ground lamps and the danger stripes on his backpack.

Szalamandra squadron

In the end it still turned out quite nice, and promptly accompanied me to my subsequent tournament where she performed far beyond my expectations. Here is a full turnaround of this beauty!

As a veteran nomad player, I'm always been a great fan of the Morlock blue girl aesthetic, so when Corvus previewed the new Morlock suicide squad cameo box I knew I had to get my hands on the old box before it went out discontinued. 

I forgot my classic blue Morlock girl in a tournament last week (gladly recovered by fellow bromad Serxx, thank you!) so I decided to paint the newer one as a replacement for my upcoming 200pt tournament. As I was also going to run a Moderators fireteam for my first time ever, I decided to paint her together with good ol' Yondu spitfire. 

Yondu and Morlock girl

The new Neema spitfire was the miniature that sold me on starting a Tohaa army. Now painted in my Sygmaa color scheme she looks pretty badass. I hope I can get enough Tohaa painted to start fielding them someway down this year.

Neema Satar - Sygmaa badass version

For desserts I painted the Riot Grrls Tinbot. He's simply adorable.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The good, the mad and the artichoke

If you ever played against my nomads you might notice that I often have more Crazy Koalas than actual miniatures on my lists. For that reason, I need a pretty hefty amount of cute little critters that I can use as koalas and easily identify who they belong to.

Since the Dire Foes with the Mad Traps came out almost a year ago i've been eyeing those little lamb guys. I was expecting a new Kanren mini to come with them so I could just buy the blister and sell the Kanren (I don't play Yujing...yet). However I managed to snag a chance to buy the dire foes spec ops with the little guys last week, and they just went straight to the high priority painting list.

Mad Traps!
As this were for my Taskmaster, who sports bakunin white-orange, the color scheme was mostly similar to official Corvus Belly paint scheme. I also based them on the new Necromunda bases which by the way are awesome for Nomad spaceships.

After a pretty successful tournament run, I decided to give a new layer of paint to my poor forgotten hero Pi-well. I own this little fella since the first edition, and to be fair I haven't played it in N3 half as much as I did back then mostly due to experimenting with other newer things.

Pi-well - A Stempler remote in a package of awesome with ODD sauce  
By the way, if you are one of those guys who think you can never improve your painting, think again.
This is how my Zoe and Pi-well looked back then.

And this is how they look now.

Yes, the Zoe miniature was upgraded into an Aleph Dactylos, but to be fair, the old one was so horrible no amount of paint would save her.

By the way, artichoke painting was put on standby for the moment to prioritize the Nomads, but I still managed to finish a Makaul and a Clipsos. I still might go back to the Clipsos as I'm still not completely satisfied with her cloak, but right now she is good enough to hit the table.

Makaul and Clipsos

Right now I'm halfway through my new monster project: the new Szalamandra TAG.
Still a lot of work to do, but I hope to finish him this week.

Szalamandra WIP

On a finishing note, lately I'm messing a bit with the blog design, so you might see some changes around during the next weeks. Forgive the inconveniences that might cause. I also plan to add a list of friendly blogs from fellow painters and players that you can check for more inspiration. You can find them out on the side bar. Go check them out!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Triple Trihedrometry

This week I finished several of my university work so suddenly I found myself with tons of free time in my hands. After a disastrous result at the last Infinity tournament I spoke with a fellow player who plays Tohaa and he teached me a bit about the faction's do's and dont's (I am a complete ignorant when it comes to Aleph and Tohaa).

So after the little lesson, I decided to start painting the 300pts box I manage to buy for a dime during the black friday promotions at corvus belli.

I'm not really a fan of the Tohaa lore, but as a Combined Army player I really liked the lore behind the Sygmaa Trihedron. Those guys are the Tohaa that were already conquered by the Evolved Inteligence and integrated into their society. So I decided to base my army on them, with darker looks and colors. My CA already sports black and green so those where out of the question. My CA Sygmaa use purple as their identity color so I decided purple would be one of the main themes and an intense turquoise would be it's contrast,

Kamael, Kaeltar and Ectros
I was a bit skeptical about painting them and later finding that corvus would be launching them as a new sectorial, so when they confirmed there would be no new alien sectorials for this year in the recent seminars, I decided it would be a great moment to start.

The first mini was the Kamael, as I wanted to test the color scheme for the skin. I got some tips for highlighting with the guys from WGC Infinity on facebook and I really like how it turned out. I wanted to try this impish skin to also use it on the new Arcadia Quest Inferno models where there is a lot of demons and Imps.

I next went for the Ectros. Mostly because I love the new Neema spitfire model and want to add it to my roster asap. As the Ectros shares the same armor it kinda was a field test for when I paint her.

Next I decided to tackle the Kaeltar. I was told that I will be fielding this guy on every game so It would be wise to have them amongst the first painted.

The lava bases were pretty easy to make, and a huge relief when compared to my other hand- sculpted bases. Still, I got some tricks from the guys online to make the lava more realistic and less cartoony that helped give a more serious look to the minis.

Last and as a bonus I finished a miniature I had sitting on my desk for more than 6 years now. Candy and Cola are the mascots from Sodapop Miniatures and they make a nice HVT or a Mayastar for the Infinity RPG. 
Candy & Cola

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Playing in the major leagues

At last my Aristeia scenery hit home last week so I decided to make some shots with the Aristos that I had finished and not updated into the blog yet.

The warsenal terrain looks amazing on the board and i'm glad I could pick it with a good discount on black friday. It's really sturdy and it looks like it could fall from the table and go completely unscratched. It requires some assembly though so have that in mind if you plan to pick it up.

I finished all my aristos back in december but didn't have time to take some photos of them. Here are Musashi, 8-ball and my favourite nomad witch Hexxer. I have been using Hexxer as a Reverend Custodier and 8-ball as Brandocastro for my nomad's lately while I finished painting my actual Reverend and Brando.

Next are Wild Bill and Parvati. While at first I wasn't really fond of Parvati, it has grown on me over time, particularly due to her awesome support cards on the game. I just recently started playing and Aristeia league and her status removals are a boon to have in the team. 

Bill is probably my least favorite hero of the bunch but I like a lot how the paintjob on him turned out. Despite being the plastic version he is full of detail.

Now I'm looking forward to the new Soldiers of Fortune set. Certainly Massacre and Laxmee will have a place in my builds.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Warpforged warpmachines

I spent some time during the last weeks finishing my Skaven warmachines. Mostly because they are so bulky that they occupied a ton of space on the table, so I just wanted to move them to the cabinet.

Plagueclaw catapult and Warplightning Cannon
If the catapult looks a bit weird is because it is magnetized so it can turn into a second cannon if needed. For that to work out I had to swap the way the warpstone fixed into the main arm of the catapult, so the magnet would be on the same place as when it is fixed in cannon form.

I originally didn't plan to put crew on the warmachines, in fact I was leaving them out to convert them into some clanrats, but when I based the siege engines I noticed the base looked enourmous having anything else on it, so I had to go back and assemble/paint some crewmembers to go with them.

One of my warplightning cannons came with a missing sprue and GW was kind enough to send me a brand new cannon in replace. So from the flawed box and some spares from my bits box I built this Pox Cauldron for my monks, inspired by some others I saw online. I've heard this was a Skaven warmachine back in some of the older warhammer fantasy editions but it does not seem like we'll be seing rules for it in Age of Sigmar any time soon.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Subtle as a punch to the face

I've been messing around with some new lists that move away from what I traditionally play with my nomads. I decided this year I would try to field as many troops as I can to learn how to properly use them and have a feel for them.

For that reason I decided to finish my second Gecko wich was currently a long time on stand-by, so I could try to field them as a duo again (my first try wasn't really very successful).

Next I painted my Prowler. I've been dying to try the Prowler spitfire profile for a while but that 2 CAP cost makes it really hard to fit in most of my lists. I tried the regular version on a tournament yesterday and it didn't live up to my expectations. I hope the spitfire profile changes that for the better.

I went with mostly black colors instead of my mainly white bakunin color scheme to set him appart from the rest of regular troopers.

Last was my first ever try at a tartan with McMurrough.  I went with a blue tartan to contrast with Corregidor red, but the armor was mostly nomad colors.

Mc Murder ready for combat!

Group shot